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    Reach More YouTube Viewers with #Shorts

    Earlier this year, YouTube released #shorts, promoting these less-than-60 second, portrait orientation videos as a new way for creators to express themselves. YouTube has given these new short video clipss enhanced visibility in their app, helping creators expand their audience and gain more views.

    How To Make A YouTube Shorts Clip

    Lucid’s advanced Artificial Intelligence will take your regular-length YouTube video and automatically select the best scenes for your #Shorts video. Simply give us the URL of your YouTube video and we will email you a condensed #Shorts clip for you to download and share with your followers.

    Earn Cash With YouTube Shorts

    YouTube has set aside $100,000,000 to pay to creators that, “help us build the future of short-form video on YouTube.” Anyone can participate, all you need to do is create and share a YouTube #Shorts video.

    YouTube #Shorts Requirements

    To have your video listed as a YouTube Short, it must meet the following requirements:
    • Be filmed in portrait orientation
    • Be less than 60 seconds long
    • Include #shorts in the title or description

    Give Lucid’s  YouTube #Shorts Maker A Try

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      * Required. Be sure source video is in portrait orientation.