Your Channel’s Videos
Recommended by AI

While YouTube recommends your competitor’s videos, Lucid focuses only on yours. Our AI assistant adds content recommendations at the end of your videos to keep your customers streaming your videos.

Intelligent Content Recommendations

Retain Viewers With Personalized Content

Lucid’s powerful content recommendation module intelligently selects and displays relevant videos from your library based on each viewer’s individual behavior, enticing them to stay on your site longer and consume more of your content. This is perfectly suited for online TV channels.

Gain Insights Into Your Audiences’ Choices

Spend less time analyzing traffic and more time producing great content! Lucid’s AI assistant crunches the numbers for you and even applies the insights into the short-video-making process. No longer will you have to manually create rules and seed suggestions, we do it all for you, automatically! Plus, we highlight what we’ve done on your dashboard every week.

Automated Content Feed Recommendation Management.jpg

Understand User Profiles Through Data

The videos made by our AI assistant are tracked for clicks, views, and time-spent watching. At the same time we profile the viewer with tags and preference indicators. Over time all this information forms a unique user genome that allows you to understand your audience better and us to serve them the right videos at the right time. There’s no need to “like” videos for us to capture user interests. It simply happens in real-time, behind-the-scenes.