Trending Topic Suggestions

Keep your site’s content relevant by automatically matching trending topics from around the web to content in your media library.

Optimize For What’s Trending

Lucid’s Fusion Engine continuously scans more over 100,000 individual websites, news feeds, and social networks to learn what’s trending and provide you feedback on how to optimize your site. Search by text, topic, and tag to identify your ranking and positioning in the market.

Web Crawling For Trending Topics
Trending Content Topic Matching

Make Your Content More Relevant

Lucid is able to not only identify trending topics amongst your audience, we can match these contextual tags with the content in your media library, breathing fresh relevancy into your streaming platform.

LucidVideo Does The Work For You

Once you’ve set up your Lucid preferences, our Fusion Engine goes to work, learning your audience’s preferences and interests. This information is paired with trending topics from around the web to provide your customers the best possible viewing experience.


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