A list of the best YouTube Video Cropping and Trimming tools available for free online.

Each of the tools listed below will help you shorten long YouTube videos for sharing on social media, as short video summaries, and more.

This page will not only link you to these video shortening tools, it will let you know if the tool is right for your needs & give you a step-by-step guide on how to crop, trim, or shorten a YouTube video.

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The Top 10 YouTube Video Croppers, listed in no particular order

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  1. LucidVideo
  2. VideoCrops
  3. YTCutter
  4. Veed
  5. Hashcut
  6. YouTube Trimmer
  7. ODownloader
  8. Kapwing
  9. Flixier
  10. YTCropper


LucidVideo takes your YouTube video URL and automatically crops it to create a short video story with the help of artificial intelligence

It’s the easiest YouTube video cropper in this list, and unlike the other single-segment tools on this list, LucidVideo produces a final video that tells a story, helping entice social media followers to click through to watch the full video. 

Because LucidVideo uses AI to choose what scenes make the cut, you don’t have to spend time watching and re-watching the source video to find the best clips. LucidVideo does all that for you. 

This is a great video trimming tool if you just want the good parts, and don’t need to include a specific part of the video, or don’t have the time to watch the full video to find the best parts. If, on the other hand, you have very specific needs, a more manual video cropping tool may be a better fit. More are listed below. 

How to crop a YouTube video with LucidVideo

Using the example video from Wilderness TV, I pasted the URL into the text box at the top of the LucidVideo page, entered my email address and clicked Submit. After a short wait, I received an email with the shortened video attached. That same video is shown below.

Sample automatically cropped YouTube video from LucidVideo.

Crop YouTube Video With LucidVideo


VideoCrops is a single-segment video cropper and trimmer. What that means is that you can take a source video, and crop out a single segment from it to download with this tool. 

The single-segment limitation prevents these short videos from telling a story, which helps increase click through rates on social media. Instead, single-segment trimmers like VideoCrops allow you to pull out a single clip from a longer video. If a single clip is all you need, Video Crops is a great choice.

Trimming a YouTube Video with VideoCrops

The first step in trimming a video is to paste the video’s URL into the Paste link text box and then click the Play button.

youtube video cropper and downloader

Once the video loads, click the play icon and then use the two blue dots below the video to set the start and end time for the new, short video. Once you are happy with the result, click the CROP SELECTION button. The system will process the video for a period of time. Once complete, you should be able to download the newly-cropped video. 

Note: VideoCrops does not work on videos over 10 minutes in length. Also, you must not walk away from the computer during processing, as the resulting short video file is only available for download for 5 minutes.



YTCutter will cut a longer video into a single, shorter segment. YTCutter is ideal for people that need a single clip from a video, and they know where that clip is located in the video’s timeline. 

How to Cut a YouTube Video with YTCutter

preview cropped youtube video before download

First, paste in the source video’s YouTube URL. Then enter the start and end time in the format provided. Once you are happy with timing, click the Watch Preview button to have the video cropped. 

After a wait you will be sent to a page where you can watch the freshly-cropped video. Unfortunately, there is no way to download the source video. Instead, you can share it on social media or embed it on a web page with a code. An example is shown below.



On the surface, Veed looks like just another YouTube cropper.  Once you click the blue Paste a YouTube Link button, you see that the tool offers more than just video trimming. You can also add subtitles, text, and draw on the video.

youtube video cropper

For the purposes of this page, we will not explore the other video options in Veed, though it’s safe to say it’s a much different tool than the basic video trimmers. 

How to Crop a YouTube Video with Veed

First, click on the blue Paste a YouTube Link button. This will bring you to a new page where you are asked to upload a new video file. At the bottom of the window is an Insert YouTube link here… text box. Look closely, as it is hard to miss. This is where you paste the source video URL. Next, click the icon on the far right of the text box to process the video file. 

upload video for cropping

After a short processing time, Veed will display your video in a video editor timeline. Drag the small blue triangle to the start of each video segment, click Split to make a cut in the video.

split video segments

Next, drag the same blue triangle to the end of each video segment and click Split again. Do this as many times as you want. A good rule of thumb is 3-5 scenes and 15-45 total seconds of time for a short video. 

Next, select the segments that you do not want in your video. Tap the Delete key to remove these unwanted segments from the timeline. 

Finally, you will be left with one or more clips in the timeline with nothing in between. Click and drag each one to the front of the timeline.

video crop timeline
video timeline

Last but not least, click the Export button on the top right of the page, then the blue Export Video button to get the video ready for download. Once processing is complete, click the Download MP4 button. 

Note: The resulting video will have a VEED.IO logo in the top left corner. 



Hashcut is another single-segment YouTube video trimmer. Unlike the others on this list, it seems that Hashcut is focused on allowing individuals to share clips of YouTube videos with their friends on social media. 

Trim a Video with Hashcut

To trim a video with Hashcut you first must paste the source video URL in the text box and then click the search icon to submit the video.

youtube highlights made easy

On the next page, drag the black circle with the time in it to the start point. Click Start Recording and Hashcut will begin recording the video. Once you have watched through the video to the end, click the End Recording button. 

Finally, click the Save Hashcut button to move on to the next step. 

Unfortunately the next step includes a popup asking us to register an account. We don’t want to right now, so we’ll click the Skip text at the bottom of the popup. 

created hashcut

The resulting video is not displayed at this point. Instead you are given a link to share the video with. The link is not embeddable and it is the only way for you to view the trimmed YouTube video. 

Given these sharing limitations, Hashcut is best for someone that wants to quickly make a YouTube video highlight and share it with their friends. It’s not ideal for businesses or others that want to retain a user on their website or social page or gain insight from on-page analytics. 


YouTube Trimmer

YouTube Trimmer is a simple video trimming tool that will create a short, single-segment video. Like most others on this list, it is easy to use but limited in scope. All you must do is set a start and end time and the tool will create your shortened video. The best part is how easy the results are to share. 

youtube trimmer

How to Use YouTube Trimmer to Crop a Video

First, paste your video’s URL into the text box and click the OK button. This will load a new page with the video and a pair of blue circles. Drag them to the start and end points of your crop and you’re done! 

set in and out video crop points

To view your cropped video, click on one of the three blue buttons on the bottom left of the screen. The first two will load a page with the shortened video embedded upon it, while the third is the embed code for placing the video on any website. Given that these are YouTube links, they should be compatible with any YouTube website plugin.

This tool will be popular with people that need to shorten YouTube videos to a single segment and embed the results on their own website. YouTube Trimmer offers easy embedding and sharing of short video clips.

YouTube Trimmer


ODownloader’s Youtube Video Cutter will help you create a single-segment clip of your original YouTube Video. ODownloader is another great option for those that only want to trim a single segment from their longer YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Cutter

How to Crop a YouTube Video with ODownloader

ODownloader’s YouTube Video Cropper works by allowing you to set a start and end point of the clip. Do this by pasting your source video URL into the text box and clicking Cut!.

The tool will process the video for a short period, and then present you with a new page where you can specify the start and end of the clip. Drag the purple start and end points to your desired position to make your clip. Once happy, set your format (video) and quality then click Cut! One last time. 

select cropped video format for export download

After a wait, a Download button will appear. Click that, and enjoy your freshly trimmed YouTube video. 



Kapwing is one of the more advanced free YouTube video croppers on this list. Instead of simply setting a start and end point for the single video segment, Kapwing is closer to a full fledged online video editor. What this means is that there is a lot more you can do with the tool, but that comes at the expense of a much more difficult learning curve and more time spent shortening a video.

trim video

Kapwing will allow you to tell a story with multiple segments in your cropped video, similar to LucidVideo, but instead of AI choosing the segments, you manually choose them yourself. 

Users that want to take the time to build a custom short video preview will find Kapwing them most helpful. Those that are rushed or don’t need multiple segments should look elsewhere. 

How to Trim a Video Online with Kapwing

If you have not done so already, you’ll want to first watch the entire video and make notes on the start and end time of interesting segments. Depending on the length of the source video and desired length of the shortened version, you want to select 3-5 segments of 5-10 seconds each.  

Start off by pasting the URL of your video into the text box. It will automatically determine it’s a YouTube video URL and load the video editor in your browser window. Next, you’ll want to drag the playhead to the start of the first scene you want to select for the final video. Click the Split button to cut the video into two pieces. Move the playhead to the end of the scene and click the Split button again. Do the same process for every segment or scene you want to include in your short video.

cut video on timeline
ripple mode for cropping video

Once you have all your segments selected and cut, you’ll want to remove the unwanted video from the timeline. Before we do so, we want to enable Ripple Mode by clicking the <|> button. With Ripple Mode on, you will not have to re-arrange the video segments once they are deleted. Next, select unwanted video by clicking on it, then tapping the Delete key.


Finally, click on the Export Video button on the top right and choose Export as MP4 to begin your cropped YouTube video download. It will take a few minutes to process the file, so be patient. Once processing is complete, click the Download button to begin the download. 

Content made on Kapwing



Flixier makes the bold claim that it is “the fastest YouTube video cutter.” We’ll give that a test.

the fastest youtube video cutter

Their claim for speed is immediately under question as registration is required to use their tool. As of the writing of this list, it was the only such tool to require a registration before trying it out. In the interest of speed I used a Google account for login. Upon login I was taken to a blank video timeline, meaning I still had to import a video, etc. There’s no way it’s the fastest option out there.  

Instead, Flixier seems to be made for people that want to edit raw videos into final YouTube videos. The shortening of YouTUbe videos quickly seems like a side gig for this tool. 

How to Trim a Video in Flixier

First, login to the tool. After login your browser will load a blank video timeline. Click the blue Import button then click the YouTube icon. Finally, paste the video’s URL into the text box and click import.  

click to crop video

Your video will load in the timeline.  Click on the timeline to select it. Drag the orange playhead above the timeline to the start of the first segment, then click the Cut button that is to the left of the timeline. Do the same for the end of the segment. Repeat for each segment you want in your short video. 

Once all your chosen segments have a start and end cut, you can hold shift and click on all the parts of the video that are not your chosen segments. Then hold shift and press delete on your keyboard to ripple delete the unwanted video. 


You will now have one or more segments placed at the start of the video timeline. 

Next, click the blue Export button on the top right of the page. There are a ton of options here, but the one we are interested in is the blue Export Video button on the bottom right of the page. Click that button and wait as the system processes your video. You’ll receive an email when the process is complete. 

Once processing is finished, you can download your video from the Dashboard. Navigate to the Exports section. Click on the meatball menu (three horizontal dots) and select Download.

download cropped youtube video

Note: The resulting file will have a large Flixier logo in the bottom right corner. Also, your export consumed some allotment of time. Keep that in mind if you plan on using the tool often. 



YTCropper allows you to crop a video into a single, shorter segment of the original video. If you only need a single segment from a video, the simple interface of YTCropper makes it a great choice. 


To crop a video with YTCropper you first must paste the source video URL into the text box and click the Crop! Button. This will load a new page where you must input the start and end times of your video crop. Don’t forget to click you’re not a robot!

how to crop video

Unfortunately, that’s as far as I could get. Despite trying multiple videos across multiple web browsers, I received an error after every video crop submission. 

I will update this page if I can get the tool to work in the future.