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Create personalized videos & previews within seconds!

Easily embed previews on your site or share your short videos to social media.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence Helps You

Increase User Engagement

Increase clicks with AI-generated short videos

LucidVideo automates repetitive editing tasks

Automate manual video tagging & monitoring

LucidVideo Personalized Recommendations

Hook viewers with personalized recommendations

Gain User Behavior Insights

Gain user insight with video analytics

LucidVideo Portal Library

AI-Personalized Short Videos Increase User Engagement

We constantly evaluate a wide range of video analytics, including impressions, clicks, and viewing time. Our AI then uses this information to create optimized short video previews that improve conversion rates.

When our preview videos are used to replace static thumbnail images, we’ve seen video engagement increase by 20%+ across the board. These previews can be a game changer for those that create streaming TV channels.

1-Click Video Embed & Sharing

Embed your videos on any website with the ease of copy & paste. LucidVideo works with all popular website editors, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more.

Short videos are perfect for sharing across social media. LucidVideo makes it easy with 1-click downloading of short videos, optimized for social media.

Export your short videos as animated GIFs, and embed them in email in place of static video thumbnails.

Quickly and Easily Edit and Customize Short Videos

Customize LucidVideo To Meet Your Needs

We’ve taken the complexity out of next gen technology. Our intuitive portal allows you to easily customize your short videos in multiple ways to meet your exact needs.

With LucidVideo you can customize video embeds with simple on/off switches. Choose the most important people to highlight in short videos. Add or remove individual video segments. And much more! Give it a try for yourself for free.

Compatible Platforms

WordPress Compatibility
Shopify Compatibility
Wix Compatibility
Squarespace Compatibility
Strikingly Compatibility