Shorten YouTube Videos

Quickly and easily shorten YouTube videos with LucidVideo. Enter the video’s URL and your email address and we will email you a shortened video for free.



No Manual Cropping or Trimming Videos

Unlike other YouTube video trimmers, Lucid’s video shortener does not require you to manually choose favorite scenes or to trim away segments you don’t like. All video trimming, cropping or cutting is done automatically by our advanced artificial intelligence.

Short Highlight Clips Increase Plays

Break through the noise of social media and get more user engagement with short videos. Lucid’s highlight reels allow your followers to quickly decide to click through to your full video, helping you earn more clicks, more views and most importantly, more revenue.

LucidVideo Portal Short Video
Process videos after upload

Automatic YouTube Video Shortener

LucidVideo’s advanced AI Assistant automatically analyzes your YouTube video for faces, context, speech, emotions, and more, helping it choose the best segments for compiling highlights. It then creates a new, shortened YouTube video for you to download and share with your followers.

Save Time Cutting & Trimming Videos Online

Don’t waste precious time and money cutting short videos of your original content for sharing on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Lucid’s powerful artificial intelligence automatically creates compelling short video summaries of your content, allowing you to create short videos online and share them in seconds, not hours.