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With An AI Video Assistant

  • Increase video engagement with AI-generated short videos
  • Understand your viewers better with deep video analytics
  • Keep viewers longer with smart video recommendations
  • Improve content search visibility with video metadata tagging
  • Download or embed your videos on anywhere with a simple copy & paste

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    Make Short Videos With AI

    Your free trial includes two short videos made by our AI assistant for testing on your own website. Experience shows that just by including short videos on a page, you can increase video engagement by 20%. As we constantly A/B test these short videos based on views, clicks, and time spent, you will see your viewership grow exponentially over time.

    Easy Copy & Paste Embeds

    You don’t have to be a coding expert to download or embed our videos from the Lucid portal. Every video you upload will be assigned a unique identifier and line of code that you can simply copy and paste into HTML or your website builder. Unlike other video platforms, all video and player customizations are made with easy on/off switches in our portal, rather than confusing code snippets in the embed code.

    Recommend Videos With AI

    Put an end to losing viewers due to YouTube recommending your competitors’ content. Lucid only recommends your content library to your viewers, helping keep users on site longer and more engaged.

    Even better, our AI assistant matches user preferences with your content library, helping uncover videos they’ll love, while keeping your older content visible and profitable.

    Video Analytics

    Increase Traffic With Video Analytics

    Lucid’s analytics suite provides detailed data on how your viewers interact with your videos, including views, clicks, and time-spent watching. Lucid helps you understand what type of content works best, which video ranks the highest, and what makes users click, allowing you to make informed decisions on what content to create next.

    Improve Video Search & SEO With Metadata

    Our AI assistant scans your videos for faces, places, objects, moods, brands, text, speech, and more, then tags the videos with metadata. These tags are searchable from both the Lucid portal and from your own website as SEO structured data, helping you quickly find the videos you need, while allowing everyone else to find your content on Google.

    Intelligent Site Search

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