Frequently Asked Questions

What solutions does Lucid provide?

We are a video hosting and streaming service that allows you to automatically generate, adjust, and personalize short video highlights which appear when the viewer hovers over your content on your website. Through the Lucid portal, you can upload hour-long videos, and our AI assistant analyzes and edits them into multiple 5-20 second clips. Those are shown to your audience through A/B tests to convince them to watch the entire video, while we provide you with the full analysis of your users’ behavior with a dashboard.

Additionally, we generate deep analytics from user interactions on your site or streaming service, helping you uncover valuable user insight and to make informed decisions.

How does the AI assistant work?

Our AI assistant helps you extract the right scenes out of your videos for the right people at the right time. It analyses your entire video based on faces, context, voice, and emotions to choose the best segments for compiling highlights. It also takes your audience’s behavior into consideration by counting views, clicks, time spent to profile the user and deliver the most suitable previews.

How do I get started?

It’s very simple to start. Sign up for free, then select a tier and sign up for an account on the Lucid portal to upload your videos today. Every time a video gets uploaded, it takes the system a few minutes to understand the content and then generates automatically 3-5 preview videos and their corresponding unique identifier and line of code. All you need to do is copy that line of javascript code and paste it into your website’s html or any other platforms (WordPress, Shopify, etc.) code editing section. Now go to your website and enjoy the overlaid thumbnail clip our AI assistant created for you.

Why is Lucid the best solution out there?

Lucid’s team consists of AI and machine learning researchers from the top universities in the world such as Stanford, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, etc. They have worked for decades and become exceptional in areas such as – computer vision, natural language processing, and relationship interpretation. The Lucid portal and AI assistant are the embodiment of their research and innovation in unsupervised deep learning which your videos and website traffic will benefit from.

How do I use Lucid's AI solution for my business?

If your business leverages video content to drive traffic and retention, then you are at the right place! We can help you increase viewer engagement and conversion, almost instantaneously. There is a reason why Netflix is so successful with its previews and recommendations,  and now you can easily leverage the same AI capabilities by adding Lucid as your business’ AI backbone.

How much does it costs to use Lucid's AI solution?

We offer different tiers for different customers, but it all breaks down into how many videos you’ll store with us in our portal at each given time. Each tier comes with either a monthly or discounted yearly subscription. Our pricing factors in video storage costs, video processing costs, AI analysis costs, and short video delivery, recommendation, and playback costs. We also take into consideration video sizes, views, clicks, conversions, and viewing time. However, it’s just a simple monthly fee for you which you can check out on the pricing page to find the right package that fits your needs best.

How difficult is it to integrate Lucid's solution?

Integration happens seamlessly. Follow our three step embed process or read our developer documentation for more detailed instructions.

1) Open an account with us, upload your videos, wait a few minutes for the video to process and previews and unique IDs to generate.

2) Copy the lines of code that are displayed next to your video, and copy-paste them into the code section of your website where you want the short clips to show.

3) Sit back and monitor how your content performs with Lucid with our built-in analytics.

How do I get in touch with Lucid?

Feel free to send us a message over the contact form anytime or send over an email to and our support team will be in touch with you shortly. We are dedicated to serve you as a customer 24/7 and give you the best experience possible wherever you are located.