Netflix-Style Video Previews

Netflix Spent Billions — You Don’t Have To

Just because you don’t have Netflix’s billion dollar R&D budget doesn’t mean you can’t offer your users a personalized viewing experience.

Netflix became the top media streaming service in part due to its high-quality, personalized video previews, and their ability to understand users better than anyone else.

Lucid offers you easy plug-and-play integration of Netflix-style video previews & recommendations on your website or in streaming app.

Short Video Previews Help You 
Understand Viewers Better

Netflix uses short video previews for more than just creating a better user experience — short videos also help understand what users want to watch.

Our AI examines short video interactions and then automatically creates new short videos that are optimized to increase your site’s engagement and retention.

Lucid’s Short Video Previews
Understand Emotions & Scene Types

With millions of quality videos on the web, across countless online TV channels, consumers need much more convincing to spend time watching your content. If you had a way to edit and share your videos, in real-time, to match someone’s preferred emotions and scene types, you’d have more viewers returning to your site. That’s where we can help!

Are you ready to take your videos to the next level?