Video Marketing Software – 9 Of The Best Tools Available


Video marketing for businesses is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. Perhaps this is because the tools we use to create videos are growing easier to use and more accessible to the everyday marketer. With so many video marketing software tools available to businesses today, it can be difficult to understand which is the right for your company. 

How to Choose the Right Video Marketing Software

The first step in choosing the best video marketing software for your business is defining your goals. Are you looking to attract web traffic via video-specific SEO? Increase conversion rates with video? Get more information across in less time? Boost website engagement? Improve email click through rates? Something else? 

Software Goal: Search Engine Optimization

Video Goal: SEO

Google has increased the footprint of video on their search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, video has a 530% better chance at getting your website on page one of Google. This extra space and exposure means that your video is shown more prominently than other search results. This then results in more clicks on your video, driving more organic traffic to your website. These positive video aspects make video SEO an important addition to any website. 

Video Marketing Software Goal: Increase Conversion Rates

Video Goal: Increased Conversion Rates

Video has been shown to boost conversion rates by up to 80%. That increase alone should be enough to get you to give conversion rate optimization via video a try. Video boosts conversion rate in many ways, including helping people better understand what is for sale, better visualize a product or just simply grab attention. 

Goal: Convey Information

Video Goal: Convey Information

Including video on a web page is much more efficient than text when it comes to conveying information to visitors. In fact, viewers recall upwards of 95% of information after watching a video, as compared with just 10% when reading text. With such recall disparity, it almost makes sense for businesses to use videos to talk to customers, and to use text to get ranked on search engines. 

Video Goal: Boost Engagement

Video Goal: Boost Engagement

Engagement is an extremely important metric in today’s marketing world. It’s no longer enough to simply build impressions and expect that conversions will come naturally. Today, marketers are looking for ways to directly engage with their audience, and video offers just that. Use your videos to show your product in use, explain your unique selling proposition, or to give your viewers a reason (and gentle push) to convert. 

Video Marketing Software Goal: Improve Click Through Rates

Video Goal: Improve Email Click Through Rates

Email click through rates (CTRs) are another important metric for marketers. Without a click, it’s hard to measure the effectiveness of your email. Embedding a video in an email can improve email click through rates by 65%.  

Top Video Marketing Software Platforms

Now that you know what you want to do with your video, the next step is to figure out which video marketing software platform serves your need the best. It’s quite possible that you will end up using a mix of one or more of these platforms in your video marketing.

Rather than making this list focus on one single type of tool, it will be comprised of several different types, including tools you’d use to capture video, edit video and share video. 

We’ll start at the beginning, with three video marketing software tools anyone can use to create videos. 

SnagIt – Video Capture & Editing Tool

SnagIt is designed to help businesses make videos that use a mix of screen recordings and webcams. The app allows you to seamless toggle between recording your screen and your webcam, allowing businesses to quickly and easily make how-to and instructional videos. 

Snagit Video Marketing Software

Snagit’s simplification tool helps users focus on what is important by removing unnecessary text and replacing it with simplified shapes. Additional tools, such as annotations, instruction steps, a smart text replacement feature, and more, help you take videos from average to exceptional. 

Snagit is a great tool if your video goal is to share information, boost engagement and increase conversion rates.

Snagit includes a free trial and costs $49.99 to purchase a software license for use on up to two computers. 

Snagit Homepage

ScreenFlow – Video Capture & Editing Tool

Screenflow is another video capture option that combines screen recording and video editing into a single product. Unlike more complex options such as Final Cut or Premier, ScreenFlow simplifies the video creation process to make it accessible to anyone, not just video pros. 

In addition to recording your computer’s screen and webcam, ScreenFlow will also record the screen of USB-attached iPhone and iPads. Creators can gain access to over half a million stock image, audio and video clips to add to their videos. 

This tool exels at sharing information, boosting engagement and increasing conversion rates.

ScreenFlow includes a free trial and costs $129 for a software license for use on one computer. 

Screenflow Homepage

iMovie – Video Editing & Capture Tool

It may surprise you to see a freebie like iMovie in this list, but it deserves a mention. Apple’s video editing tool combines the simplicity that the brand is known for with the power of professional-quality non-linear video editing. 

iMovie Video Editing Software

iMovie includes several high quality filers and built-in green screening / chroma-keying, which might just be a big deal for you. The app also integrates easily with the rest of Apple’s ecosystem, meaning that you can easily Airdrop video from your phone or iPad, or import audio you created in Garageband. 

This is a great tool for content creators that want to create professional looking videos that increase conversion rates, convey information, and boost engagement. 

iMovie is free to download to your Mac and Apple’s software license allows simultaneous installation on up to 5 computers.  

iMovie Homepage

Now that you’ve created your video, it’s time to share it with the world! The following three video marketing services will help you host, stream and share your videos across the internet. 

LucidVideo – Intelligent Video Marketing Software

LucidVideo is the next generation of video hosting. On top of all the expected features of a video hosting service, such as easy copy and paste embeds on any website, 4K+ video hosting, and social sharing features, sits Lucid’s advanced artificial intelligence.

Lucid’s AI recognizes a wide range of people, objects, scenes, emotions and actions, allowing it to automatically create video previews that are personalized for each individual viewer. LucidVideo also offers personalized recommendations, helping increase video views and keep users on site longer.

This AI-enhanced web app is perfect for the marketer looking to improve SEO, increase conversion rates, boost engagement, convey information and increase email click through rates. 

LucidVideo is a web app and subscription service that costs $100 per month. 

LucidVideo Free Trial

Vimeo – Video Hosting, Sharing & Streaming

Vimeo is probably the best known alternative to YouTube. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo focuses on providing high quality video hosting, sharing and streaming services to businesses big and small, as well as creative individuals. 

Vimeo Marketing Video Host

In addition to hosting and streaming video, Vimeo will help you livestream and has built-in monetization options to allow content creators to monetize their videos. Finally, if you work with clients, Vimeo has a decent collaboration feature that speeds up the feedback process. 

Vimeo focuses on conveying information and boosting engagement. 

Vimeo is a web app that offers a limited free trier. Paid plans range from $7 to $75 per month.

Vimeo Homepage 

Wistia – Video Hosting, Sharing & Streaming

Much like Vimeo, Wistia is another great alternative to YouTube. What sets Wistia apart from Vimeo is the customizability of their video player. Creators can add CTAs, email signup forms, links to other web pages and more to their videos, as well as control the look and feel of the video player. 

Video via

This web app excels are increasing conversion rates, click through rates, engagement and SEO. 

Wistia is a web app and subscription service that costs $100 per month.

Wistia Homepage

Perhaps you’re less interested in embedding your video on your own site and more interested at getting your video seen by as many people as possible. If that’s the case, the following three video sharing sites are where you want to upload your video. 

YouTube – The Default for Video Sharing

You no doubt know about YouTube, so I won’t waste your time explaining the website. Instead, it’s included here because it should be a default upload for most any video you make. The reason for this is simple, YouTube is the #2 search engine, being Google. If you want your video seen, YouTube is a great place to achieve that goal. 

YouTube is great for SEO, conveying information and boosting engagement. 

The site is famously free for users to upload and share videos. 

YouTube Homepage

TikTok – Video Sharing for Generations Z and Alpha

TikTok is extremely popular with the Z and Alpha generations, with over 60% of TikTok users aged between 10 and 29 years in the United States. Additionally, the app boasts 2.6 billion downloads as of December 2020. Keep in mind that TikTok videos are limited to 60 seconds (with 3-minute videos available to some during testing), so make sure you can get your point across quickly in your TikTok video.


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This social network performs best at boosting engagement. 

TikTok is free for users to upload and share videos. 

TikTok Homepage

Dailymotion – A YouTube Alternative

Dailymotion is a popular YouTube alternative with around 180 million monthly visitors. If your goal is to get as much reach as possible, then Dailymotion is worth an upload. Dailymotion features the same types of videos as you would find on YouTube, so chances are yours will fit in fine there as well. 

The best use of Dailymotion is to convey information and boost engagement. 

Dailymotion is free for users to upload and share videos. 

Dailymotion Homepage

We Hope You’ve Learned All You Need to Know About Video Marketing Software

The goal of this guide was to help you better understand how different video marketing tools can help you meet business goals. These goals include better website SEO, improved conversion and click through rates, and increased audience engagement.