Content, Images & Videos
Automatically Tagged by AI

Lucid’s AI assistant recognizes the content of your videos and automatically creates video metadata, without any manual input on your end. All you need to do is upload videos into the portal for automated content tagging.

Automated Content Tagging of Videos with AI

Apply Best-In-Class Metadata Extraction

Once added to the Lucid portal via simple upload or MRSS feed function, your content will be cataloged with detailed metadata such as actors, emotions, scene locations, activities, brands, products, objects, and more. Our AI assistant does all the work, saving you a significant amount of manual tagging time or money by not outsourcing tagging to a third-party service provider.

Make Content Searchable With Comprehensive Video Tags

Lucid’s precise content tagging and metadata extraction not only makes it easier to find your own videos in the Lucid portal, but also for everyone else to find your videos on Google.

Our AI assistant creates and embeds SEO-optimized video schema markup for your content, allowing it to be displayed as rich snippets in Google search results.

Lucid’s crowdsourced tags of media content will help you discover relevant metadata that manual services tend to lack, ensuring your video has the best chances of appearing in relevant searches.

Intelligent Site Search

Match Video & Viewer With Detailed Metadata

Our AI assistant provides detailed metadata for both your videos and your viewers to automatically match them and create delightful recommendations. The better we understand the context in your videos, the more precise we tag and match your content library to your website’s visitors, boosting retention rates, session duration, ad views, and more.