Short Videos, Highlights
& Previews Created By AI

We understand the pain of producing and editing short videos to improve click through and conversion rates. What if there was a way to have a superhuman editing team at your command?

Our AI assistant automates tedious editing tasks, allowing one-click downloading, sharing, or embedding of short preview videos in place of still thumbnails. Work that once took you days can now be scaled to minutes.

We don’t stop there. As more people view, click, and spend time on your videos, we continue to improve our editing.

Easily Create Intelligent Video Previews

Replace un-engaging static video thumbnails with AI-generated dynamic video previews. Viewers love these previews! We typically see increases in user engagement and customer retention by up to 20%.

Multivariate Testing Of Video Previews

Multivariate Testing Improves Performance

Don’t settle for good enough. Lucid multivariate tests all video previews to ensure that the best preview is served to your users. Stay relevant with automatic, continuous A/B testing of video previews.

Automated Content Tagging

Lucid’s AI recognizes the content of your videos and tags them accordingly. Your content will be cataloged with best-in-class metadata such as actors, emotions, scene locations, activities, brands, products, objects, and more, all without any manual input on your part.

Automated Content Tagging of Videos with AI

Are you ready to take your videos to the next level?