Real Estate Video Marketing: 10 Easy Ways to Sell More Homes with Video


Video marketing has long been championed by big brands for its ability to attract eyes and hold attention — the same holds true for real estate video marketing. Using videos as part of your real estate marketing mix will not only help you reach more potential buyers with up to 4x more leads than images or text alone, it will help you increase engagement with homebuyers, potentially giving them the nudge they need to make an offer and close a sale. 

The following page will show you 10 easy ways that realtors can use real estate video marketing to help sell more homes.

Easy Real Estate Video Tip #1: Shorten Your Videos for Easy Sharing On Social Media

Real estate videos tend to be on the longer side — it’s nearly impossible to show off every great feature of a property in the few seconds most social media platforms allow. For example, Instagram limits videos to 15 to 60 seconds in length.

Real estate agents have two options when it comes to shortening videos; automatic and manual. 

Manual video shortening is just like it sounds. You manually select what parts to keep and what parts to cut. On the positive side, manual video shortening is highly accurate. You select your favorite rooms and make sure they make the cut. On the other hand, all of this requires work for whomever is cutting the videos. With each video requiring many minutes of time to select scenes, edit and export in the correct format, manual short video creation can quickly become overwhelming for everyone from small realtors to large agencies. 

Automatic video shortening uses artificial intelligence to automatically make short videos that are made up of your video’s best parts. This is ideal for realtors that outsource their video production, as they don’t have to pay for extra videos to be created. In-house video teams also benefit, as they can focus on creating videos for more properties, by spending less time creating multiple videos for each property.       

This example real estate video was shortened by LucidVideo.

Once you’ve shortened your real estate videos to fit your needs, it’s time to share them! 

Sharing Real Estate Listing Videos on Social Media

Post your newly-shortened real estate videos on Instagram and Twitter, being sure to use relevant hashtags, such as:

• Property’s neighborhood name
• Property’s city
• #realestate
• #forsale
• #property
• #realty
• #home
• #homeforsale
• & more

You should also share your short real estate videos in targeted Facebook Groups. Many communities have their own Group, and most will welcome your post, helping it get shared directly from those that live nearby. 

Real estate video marketing for an online open house
Example Facebook Post with a Real Estate Video

Listing Tip #2: Include an Animated GIF of Your Property in Emails

Emails still can not include real videos. Until we get “email 2.0” that allows embedded videos, we can make do with animated GIFs. 

While both GIFs and videos show movement, GIFs are a bit different than videos in how they store the data. GIFs were never optimized to show actual video when they were invented in 1987, and as a result, GIF videos are significantly larger in file size than the same MP4 video. Long story short, you are limited to a few seconds for an animated GIF in an email. 

With that in mind, you need to select your favorite scene to share as a video in email.

As with Tip #1, you’ll either need to manually or automatically make these short videos for email. Ask your video producer to export your favorite scene, or use LucidVideo to select and download the best scenes from your video. 

Real Estate Video Tip #3: Add Your Listing Video To Real Estate Websites & Apps 

Zillow Real Estate Video Example Usage
Example Zillow listing with video set as hero.

There are multiple third party websites and apps that people use when they are shopping for real estate. These include,,,, and others. While you may prefer to focus your attention on your own website or MLS, there’s no reason not to include your real estate videos in these apps. 

For maximum impact make your real estate listing video the first piece of media in the images and video area of each site. VIdeos have been shown to increase engagement over still images, they offer more information to viewers than images, and help create a stronger emotional connection with the property. 

Video Marketing Tip #4: Offer More Videos to Interested Buyers

Chances are you have a lot of footage that did not make the final cut of your video. Make use of these extra scenes by combining them into a new video that you can share with buyers that reach out for more information. Little steps like this can help your property stand out from the comps. 

This example real estate video was shortened by LucidVideo.

Real Estate Video Marketing Tip #5: Also Include Videos of the Surrounding Community

Is your community growing? Do you have a property in a unique community? Does the property have attractive amenities? Including a video highlighting the surrounding community is a great way to help out of towners and those otherwise unfamiliar with the community. 

Video Tip #6: Create a Virtual Open House

A virtual open house is the perfect way to give buyers a more in-depth look at your property, without requiring them to be present. Virtual open houses are popular with both out-of-state buyers and locals. 

Real Estate Video Marketing Online Open House Sign

You can go about your virtual open house in two ways: live and pre-recorded. Live open houses can be livestreamed on platforms like Facebook or even via a Zoom or Google meeting. The great thing about live virtual open horses is that you can take questions and highlight areas based on audience feedback. You can save a recording of this open house and share it with new potential buyers as well. 

Pre-recorded virtual open houses are also an option. They lack the interactivity of a live streamed open house, but they still allow you to go into detail about each aspect of the property and preemptively answer questions that a typical buyer may ask. 

Tip #7: Use Video Testimonials for Real Estate Video Marketing

Video testimonials are the perfect real estate video marketing method. I can help you attract new clients, both on the buying and selling side of the deal. 

Use your video testimonials to show prospective clients what they can expect from you when they ask you to help buy or sell their property. Do you offer special services that other Realtors do not? Do you go above and beyond when marketing their property? Be sure your testimonials touch on the areas that set you apart.  

Your video testimonials should not only show your expertise, but to also show the type of real estate you specialize in. 

Tip #8: Use Real Estate Drone Shots

Drones have come down in price, and as a result, employing someone to take aerial photos and video of a property has dropped in cost as well. It used to cost several thousand dollars to have a helicopter take a photographer (who also costs money) up in the air to take shots. Today it costs as little as a few hundred dollars to have a drone video your property. 

Done right, drone video offers many positive aspects. It can help set your property apart from others with only ground-level photos or video. Drone video provides a better understanding of the property’s location, shape and size. And finally, it increases viewers emotional response, helping increase engagement.

Tip #9: Make an Agent Intro or Profile Video

Real estate is the #1 expense in the lives of most people. Your clients are trusting you to guide them through a complex process. Ease their minds with an agent introduction or profile video. Use this video to give potential clients an idea of who you are, what areas you operate in, and what type of real estate you specialize in. 

Most importantly, provide viewers a reason why they should work with you to help buy or sell their property. 

Tip #10: Show Your Real Estate Expertise With Vlogs

Do your clients often ask you the same questions? Do you frequently experience a certain obstacle when helping buy or sell? Do you specialize in first time home buyers? If so, make a Vlog, or Video Blog about it. This video can be used to both educate current clients, and even to help grow your client base. 

Start Your Own Real Estate Video Marketing With LucidVideo

We hope you learned a thing or two in this post. If you’d like to give LucidVideo a try, the button below will take you to a page where you can sign up and shorten your real estate videos for free. We’d love to hear what you think of your short videos.