We use Artificial Intelligence to improve top KPIs, including video engagement rates, views, clicks & time on page.

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Increase User Engagement with Video Previews

Smart video previews increase engagement

Intelligent Mute Feature

Smart sound for any viewing environment

Easy copy and paste video embed

Easy copy and paste video embeds

Smart Summaries & Countdowns

AI-enhanced video recommendations

Netflix-Style Video Intelligence

Netflix became the top media service due to its ability to keep users watching with personalized content recommendations. Now you too can offer Netflix-style previews and recommendations with the help of LucidVideo.

Auto-generated Smart Videos & Previews On Any Device

You are no longer limited by a video editing team, but only by your own imagination

Lucid automatically creates and embeds short videos and automated video previews for your content on your website. These smart short videos are constantly tested and adjusted to increase viewers’ retention and click rates. Everything is taken care of – all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your site’s performance grow.

Video Preview Examples

AI Personalized Short Videos

A video has many attractive scenes that could convince your audience to watch it, but cutting the scenes manually is outdated.
We believe in providing the right video summary at the right time to the right person. Our intelligent AI extracts scenes in real-time to instantly create the video you need to convert your audience.

These short videos are matched to genres and emotions tied to each individual, thereby providing more relevant content that results in increased clicks and customer retention.

An Adaptive Video AI Technology

Our artificial intelligence continuously learns from your users, improving the videos it delivers, every second of every day.

We have created an advanced deep learning architecture that divides its neural network into individually learning modules. These parts continue to learn at the device and user-level, acquiring insights into your audience’s behavior to make your videos engaging.

Compatible Platforms

WordPress Compatibility
Squarespace Compatibility
Wix Compatibility
Strikingly Compatibility
Shopify Compatibility

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Our artificial intelligence is optimized to create content that grabs your audiences’ attention, and keeps them entertained for hours.





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